Hidden History Of Our Solar System

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon  – Episode 2

If you take a quick glance at our solar system you quickly realize there are some unique and intriguing anomalies. To name a few Uranus is completely toppled over on it’s side, Saturn has a permanent Hexagonal Storm on its northern pull, the rings of Saturn are constantly reforming/changing and have been observed being manipulated by massive craft multiple times the width of earth. In this installment I am going to be going over how all of these anomalies and more are inter-related exposing the history of the solar system you have been deprived.

-Evidence On Earth

It may come as a surprise to you that modern humanity is not the most advanced civilization to arise on this planet. Our whole solar system has undergone a recursive history of civilizations advancing and advancing then either collapsing in on themselves or branching out and becoming Interstellar. In the event these civilizations collapse in on themselves the remnants collude together into new societies harboring the knowledge and technology of what came before and attempt to reclaim it. Just because you are part of a highly technologically advance civilization doesn’t mean you understand how trans dimensional travel or zero point energy works. You could be a janitor cleaning a space station, point being the process of rebuilding typically takes thousands of years. So what’s the evidence for these assertions?

Since Humanity first began mining Coal an interesting phenomenon would occur every couple decades. As people would mine through the coal metallic objects imbedded in the material would fall out. There are hundreds of mysterious objects discovered through mining(most commonly but not limited to coal) from pots and pans, pieces of silverware and tools, artistic and ornamental pieces, to highly refined bits of machinery like cogs and screws. In lab studies we’ve investigated the metallic composition of these artifacts and discovered their metallurgy is of a form we currently don’t know how to produce. Typically these metals contain a 98% purity of Iron or aluminum paired with minor amounts of magnesium, the geometric structure of which are so pure these metals show little to no sign of corrosion or oxidation. Because of this lack of decomposition, dating the objects is no easy task, but the coal deposits from which these artifacts are found have been dated from 20 million to 330 million years! For more information on this matter you may want to start your search with the term “forbidden archeology”, the label given to archeological discoveries that although published are buried and made purposefully difficult to find because they directly contradict the standardized history we are all taught in school.

As conclusive as 300 million year old pieces of machinery are, these artifacts are not the only source of evidence regarding ancient civilizations. There are countless texts such as those of the Sumerians or the Mahabharata of India that discuss the the knowledge and capabilities these societies possessed. The evidence is out there, but it won’t be handed to you.

-Evidence In The Solar System

In this section I’m going to be jumping around a lot, and make several unsupported assumptions so I implore your patience until the end.

In the scientific community there’s is a system known as the Kardashev Scale which describes the 3 types of a civilizations. Type 1 civilizations are capable of harnessing/ storing the energy produced and received by their entire planet, Type 2 can harness and store the energy of a star, and Type 3 civilizations have access to the energy of their host Galaxy.

Now modern humananity doesn’t even register as a 1 on this scale, but it is postulated the civilization(s) existing in this solar system before ours were Type 2, capable of utilizing the star’s Energy. Their technology was so advanced they could actually manipulate celestial bodies and create artificial bodies of their own. For example the moon Phobos of Mars weighs 60% less than it optically suggests, hinting toward the possibility the interior of this moon is hollow. We’ve never been able to land on Phobos and any probe sent to the tiny moon goes silent before reaching the surface. Another moon in our solar system that appears artificial is our own. Like Phobos the weight of the moon is less than it optically suggests. We’ve struck the moon multiple times with ballistic missiles and each time the moon has reverberated like a bell from upwards of 6 hours. Keep in mind the only structures that ‘ring’ are hollow. On top of this, modern science actually has no idea how the moon came to orbit our planet, as an object of its size and mass can’t possibly be captured by earth’s gravitational field. If you consider the possibility the moon may not be natural but artificially constructed, the fact of its existence and characteristics becomes much more conceivable. But don’t take my word for it, buy yourself a telescope and look at the moon regularly. You will see strange things; points of light, specs flying on/off and over the moon. If you’re resolution is good enough you can look online for the coordinates of various giant structures.

As stated above Saturn is a very peculiar planet in the sense it has a permanent Hexagonal storm atop its northern pole. Imagery attained through the Voyager probes show long cigar shaped ships 5-6 times the width of earth manipulating and spewing ‘dust’ into Saturn’s rings. Infrared and ultraviolet imagery reveal an even larger series of rings extending from Saturn. It’s possible these qualities of the planet are not natural and may be transmitting a signal of some sort throughout our system. Many of Saturn’s moons as well as Jupiter’s exhibit non-natural features but to go over all of them would make this post even lengthier than it is. (My intention is to give you leads to begin researching for yourself, an alternate source of information to explore and test. I’m not asking you to “believe me”.)

-Where the rabbit hole goes

300 million year old spoons and suspiciously placed moons, where could this post possibly be going. To get there we’ll be taking a journey to a time somewhere within the last 2.5 million years when there used to be another planet in our solar system. If you have any basic understanding of astronomy you can probably guess where it used to be.

(If your answer was; The Astroid Belt, give yourself a gold star)

This massive band of rock and debris strewn multiple bodies so large they’ve condensed back down into spheres are the remnants of a world completely obliterated. I can’t tell you if its destruction was a natural event or the result of an M.A.D.(mutually assured destruction event I.E. nuclear warfare) of Type 2 civilization proportions. But I can tell you the planet was terrestrial and covered with water. Studies on comets in the Ort cloud have revealed the majority have an origination point residing precisely in the asteroid field. If you can track the movement of where something is going and its bodies of influence you can track where it’s been. This suggests that when this planet’s destruction took place the heavier denser materials broke up into the astroid belt and the lighter liquid and gaseous materials jetted off forming into the comets we see today.

Now for the wild unsupported assertions! Supposedly this planet was slightly smaller than Saturn yet rocky like earth. It was inhabited primarily by a race of giants and Mars was one of this world’s moons. There were(and still are) dozens and dozens of civilizations that resided in our solar system and during the cataclysmic event much of the life on the surface of the planets was wiped out. Earth had been knocked out of its orbit as a moon of Saturn (try researching “the old sun”) and without a world to orbit Mars was cast out into the solar system as well. In a last ditch effort to preserve the the life on earth the moon we know and love was constructed. A partial space station and partial arch, the moon was placed in our orbit to balance its spin and modify its trajectory preventing it from eventually falling into the sun.

-How Do We Fit In this Picture?

This is a tricky question to answer, the full truth on this matter is still secluded away and kept from public knowledge. But we can make a couple educated guesses. Our species has a very unique fossil record in the sense that we observe enormous shifts in skeletal structure taking places within a few thousand year periods. Modern humans arose roughly 300,000 years ago, our closest relatives showed up 2.5 million years ago. We have no explanation for sudden variations in the structure of our ribcage, one period our chest was cone shaped like that of a primate, broad toward the base and pinched at the top. Then over night our rib cages became expanded and broad towards the top fundamentally changing our posture, with no transitional fossils in between these states. There are many archeological anomalies of this nature exhibited in our skull and jaw structures alluding to the idea we might be just as artificial as our solar system. Being genetically manipulated over millions of years.

The majority of these genetic mutations have occurred within the past 2.5 million years, coincidentally around the same time this cataclysmic event is assumed to have occurred. One theory is that with the main civilization inhabiting this solar system completely decimated, other less benevolent races began to visit our defenseless world’s and started experimenting with our genetics and have continued to do so till modern day.

Before this post gets too off track I’d like to say whether all or none of what I’ve postulated to you is true, the fact remains there are countless unnatural and anomalous features on earth and throughout our solar system that warrant investigation. If we can’t explain the presence of our moon naturally how else could it exist? If there truly are multimillion year old metal objects found on earth what does that mean in terms of how much we actually know about the history of our world? What created all the visible scars in our solar system such as the asteroid belt, Uranus’s tilt, and a water stripped Mars.

-My Message To You

Don’t just read this article and think “oooo that’s interesting” and move on. Seriously put in 10-20 minutes research into any of the statements I’ve made above, read the actual documentation, view the actual photographs and sit with it. If you are truly serious about waking up, and you honestly want to uncover “The Truth”, no one can tell it to you. You have to go out and find it for yourself.

Below are a couple relevant links to the blog of Corey Goode, a whistleblower from within the Secret Space Program.

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-Episodes in this series

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22 thoughts on “Hidden History Of Our Solar System

  1. An excellent article and great research. What I know doesn’t exactly match your claims, but close enough to be supportive. I have no serious arguments with your presentation, and some of it is new to me. My thanks to you for writing this series. I would gladly reblog this but I don’t see a reblog button and I don’t know what would be considered proper credits being given. Anyway, thanks.

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  2. Excellent article that really makes people think. Even as a kid I noticed that what we were taught in school made no sense. It was all completely disconnected and if you asked a question a teacher would not know how to answer anything because he was taught the same nonsense so most people just go on with this program and conform to the rest because I guess it makes their life easier. You just memorize it all like a song and keep repeating it and nodding your head and everyone does the same. The moment you stop and ask a question you stir things up and people don’t like that.

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  3. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    For those who truly wonder about “where we come from” and what’s with us in relation to our natural environment, what I can say is, no one’s ever written it clearer and more succinctly than this article does. This human mind is simply amazing. Enjoy.

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  4. An excellent blog. For some reason this didn’t show on my Email, hence I missed it until now when I did a search. Subjects like the ones you have covered were common in books, magazines and online until around 2000. At that time there was a purge by those who call themselves “skeptics”. Because people connect scepticism with science, they were fooled into thinking that this brand of radical scepticism was science. Then there arose a consensus among all of those who can’t be bothered to look for themselves that science was to be the arbiter of such things. Science of course does not study these subjects and declared them pseudo-science. And that’s how science became the referee of a game it does not know how to play. The sheep followed science and we were robbed of a whole range, in fact a library of very interesting subject matter.
    Anyone looking for the most important books on anomalies will have to look among those published during the 1960’s to the 1980’s.
    Looking forward to reading more.

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