1st Anniversary

I truly cannot believe that it has been a year. I have blogged a lot longer than 1 year, as I started blog with another hosting sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Weebly, Quora. I have enjoyed my time here in WP, and I want all my friends and fabulous followers of TOO MUCH TOO SOON blog to know that I really appreciate you all very much.!

Having all of you visit here is a tremendous support to me. I enjoy all the humor, banter, and all your comments and sharing of your thoughts on the different, and at times, difficult subject matter and topics I blog about here. It is like sharing a piece of your heart. And as many of you know, I do this to hopefully raise awareness and put a spotlight on issues that not only has touched my life, but the lives of many who come here to read. 

It is the only way I know to share the truth about some topics that need to be shared and talked about. Of course that is only my opinion, and all I share here is just my own thoughts and opinions. Trying to share the awareness is very important to me. So I try to inform and educate visitors. 

We need to share the work that needs to be done, and the skills we need to use each day to a better way life! It’s the purpose of this blog and why I write, speak out, blog, raise awareness, and try to inform the public about the terrorism, politics, myths, stories, history, religions, wars and Humans in general.

SO THANKS to WordPress for the Anniversary Wish’s! I’m so happy to be part of an awesome community of bloggers here! You’ll never know how much I appreciate your services here, and for letting me be WHO I AM, and for letting me continue SHARING MY MESSAGE OF *HOPE* TO OTHERS about Consciousness and Awareness. 


22 thoughts on “1st Anniversary

  1. Congratulations for the anniversary. I am looking forward to read and learn more from you/your blogs. Such a young age! What a personify.. I admire you a lot. 🙂
    I teach my kids to be like you!

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