Oh creature!
Creature my love!
Creature which dwells deep in the deepest,
Creature of my heart!
Creature of the age!
Creature I am with you in the wilds!
Creature oh the heady madness’s
Oh the joy!

Creature the many vistas!
Creature the expanses, the terrain!
Creature I know not whence from where you came!
Creature my happiness!
Creature my darling
Oh My Joy!

Creature the heady madness’s,
The endless nights!
Creature the awkward pauses!
Creature my fading literacy,
Creature who came bent back broken
Lilting through the fog up
And out of my chest!

Creature whose name was:
Shrieks on the wind in the valley
Creature how I’ve longed to meet you.
Creature how many days was it since we last spoke?
Creature are you nothing but the infinite?
Creature who writes the words?
Creature I am with you in the wilds
In the winds,
In the empty spaces,
Creature my stammering prose!

Creature who slunk away into the night without so much as a shriek
Or a note of goodbye!
Creature Who I am afraid of Losing!
Creature who gives me reason to sit,
Creature who is confused ramblings!
Creature who danced side by side through
Through fish-can bars
Through rooftop smoke moonlight antennae
And out of the tomb of the prison self!

Creature who blew out the candle!
Creature who fed into itself and to nothing!
Creature who is the mechanical motions of fingers!
Creature whose breath is the breath of breaths!
Creature who shake middle chest
Calmly sat typing while the horn sounded outside
Creature who is aware of own breath
Creature ..
Oh Creature!

Creature who winds round the hands of the watch fore midday
Creature who wound me up and set me down toy-car to
Rattle cross the floor of time and into death’s wall!
Creature who gives the sardonic answer to asinine questions!
Creature who jumps at the sounds of crackling brush!
Creature who gave life to pig-men through language
And aided their games
And ate from their banquet halls
And loved their men
And their promises, both empty
And fed their offspring into the furnace
For another round on the wheel of
Suffering, pain, and death
Fore the final curtain call of mans ultimate
Dissolution into the Alzheimer of the sun
Creature who is my own irritation at the unannounced behavior
of companions!

Creature who sulks when reality’s pinprick deflates
The multicolored balloon of who-I-thinks-I-is!
Creature who devises million reasons why not!
Creature who procrastinates!
Creature who gets sick on own gluttony!
Creature who can never find the end!
Creature who rejoiced in the happy melding of self and other,
Who laughed peals of sunlight at the effects of the tab,
Who rose triumphant linguistic from confused mires,
Who ate up the brains of wiser men and made soup,
Who giggled at the possibility of total self-abandonment,
Who raged at the television screen in reckless abandon
Mentally prepared yet taken wildly aback by the crushing
Realness of it all, the debate, the hair, the mad look in the eyes,
One clammy hand to wear the seal of the world-nation
And to hover shaking over the button that ends the human

Creature who spent the day sulking in miserable fear at the
Un-serious prospect of self-decay and murder by imperialism
Creature who walked and walked and walked and finally
Sat down to roll plant-matter into a temporary fix for desire
Creature I am with you in the park late at night
In the alleyways of the living city
In moist rain forest clearings twixt the walls of foreign dwellings
In halls of culture thin and winding made safe recently for feet

Creature I am with you in the pounding eardrum heart
Creature I am with you in the moment of true self recognition
Creature, myself, Oh My Self!
Creature how I’ve missed you!
Creature my joy, oh my love, my heart, my given name!
Creature the words fail!
Creature I am with you in eternity!
Creature the golden wheat fields of time are ours and ours alone!
Creature I am exploding out of the gates!
Creature you and I have much to discuss,
Creature, Oh my Creature, my holy sacrilegious body!
My tongue, my lips! My aching joints, my pain, my freedom
To court damnation! My waning mind, my old genetics, my family tree!
Creature, me!
Wake up!
Today is just like every other day!


8 thoughts on “Creature

  1. Fantastic poem. Incredible write up, can’t even begin to tell you how much I liked it and how much it resonated…very well articulated and well thought. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m gonna save this. You’re a wonderful creature in this universe..!
    Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting. I think you are onto something. I like the whole feel you give me.
    As Robert mentioned, you’re wonderful creature. Truly you’re Ishu. I mean.. This is great. It is true huh, its all movement and interrelationships, or in other words, vibration.. How fresh! And I travelled with your lines.. :*
    Truly wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a privilege it is for me to have an authentic author visit and comment so graciously on my little space. I am delighted that you so appreciate the words/vibration of my poem as I work carefully on this. I hope over time to stimulate a more interest in writing poems, and I can only dream that more serious visitors such as yourself will occasionally drop in and engage. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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