Random things – Screaming to the world

Everything you know is wrong!(most of it anyway)

World history is partially fabricated, our level of technological advancement is actually hundreds of years above what is commercially available. The Newtonian physics model taught in standardized school is an incomplete & circumstantial explanation for the mechanics of our universe.

The Zika epidemic is not the source of the spike in birth deformities. There have been multiple outbreaks of Zika with zero reported cases of microcephaly. Although there is a direct correlation between microcephaly cases and the areas in which genetically modified mosquitoes have been deployed. The way these GM-osquities “combat Zika” is that their genes are tweaked in a way that they prevent full embryonic development in the offspring of mosquitoes who posses this genetic modification. They go into the wild, mate with natural mosquitoes and their baby’s are born with defects that cause them to die before maturation. Anyone find it a little funny that this is exactly what “Zika” is doing to the human population? And how there still isn’t a verified link between the virus and the genetic abnormalities?

Your money is literally backed by nothing, no gold, no silver, just the Credit of your government with the privately own Federal Reserve Bank.

When it comes to eating healthy, stop looking at the nutritional information and start looking at the ingredients… Fat isn’t bad for you, there are a wide variety of sugars that affect you differently, artificial sweeteners make you gain weight. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in your food you probably shouldn’t eat it…

The political arena as portrayed on television isn’t real!!!!! ALL mainstream media news outlets out there are feeding you bullshit! Politics isn’t about opinions, cyclical commentary over sensationalized social issues, or who slammed who at the god damned debate!!! If you want to know what the giant machine of your government is actually doing read a fucking book, do some god damn research on your country’s foreign affairs and the legislation being passed by the bureaucrats you never see on a TV screen…. Newsflash! If you deduct your world view based off what you see on television you know absolutely nothing about the real political landscape.

The universe is literally a holographic matrix of energy, everything you see, everything you feel or experience to any degree is a sensation in your mind generated from information interpreted by your mind. You are one cell in the organism of the universe as it explores all possibility.

Loans are a complete scam! $9 out of every $10 a bank loans to you never existed. Banks are allowed to loan out in credit(theoretical money) 10x more than they have on deposit. Then for every dollar you payback to the bank after the initial 10% of the loan, the bank is allowed to loan out tenfold even further. In this cycle the banks are able to give you money they never earned or worked for, and are allowed to collect the full sum plus interest. They are literally leeching all the money out of the middle and lower classes for no contribution to the economy.

Psychic abilities are real and the people in the highest level of government know and utilize this. We are pure consciousness, awareness, and all psychic abilities are different means of receiving information beyond the 5 sense level of our reality.

There is no such thing as time! The only time that exists is now, there will never be a tomorrow just as there never was a yesterday! The only time anything is experienced is NOW, even if you are remembering something from the “past” it can only be remembered Now. Stop worrying about a non-existent future and defining yourself by a past that isn’t real. You will always be HERE and you will always be NOW. Because of this the only time to love, the only time to be happy, the only time to feel alive, to let go and enjoy the world will always be now.

Truth doesn’t need to be defended, truth will stand the test of time and doesn’t need anyone’s approval or agreement to persist or be real.

Humanity has a secret breakaway civilization/space program that has already colonized much of the terrestrial solar system and possesses interstellar travel.

The United States is using ISIS as a proxy army to destabilize the Middle East. If we wanted to destroy ISIS we could do it in a matter of weeks. Most of the arms in ISIS’s arsenal are United States property because we arm them via many means including arming and training “rebel forces”. Almost every jihadist organization has its origins being trained and armed by the U.S. In addition a large portion of Isis’s funding comes directly from U.S. based banking giants J.P. Morgan & HSBC. Far from rumor these companies have already been charged for this treasonous crime with no arrests and a petty fine to show for it. You can’t fight a war without money and guns and we know where Isis is getting both and can instantly cut off access to both.

The recent series of trade agreements being passed such as the TTP & TTIP are a means of giving corporations control over your governments and “legally” hindering your government’s ability to defend itself or prosecute corporations in a judicial setting if the government harms said corporations profits.

Wake up people!!


13 thoughts on “Random things – Screaming to the world

  1. OK, that’s a great scream at the world – hope you feel better now… 🙂 I agree with you on every point except for the paragraph on time. And I’d love to debate your statement on living in the now. Time does exist, we “see” it in all our “time” measuring devices. However it is an artificial construct, an invented controlling device and with your great mind I’m sure you can figure out who did it, and why! In nature there is no need of time.
    As for the now, I think if you looked at it again you’d see that it does not exist at all. It is but a demarcation line between the past which we are forever living in and leaving by degrees and the future which we are forever projecting ourselves into and learning to live in. In the “now” there is nothing: no memories, no projection, no direction, no life. To live in the now would be like trying to put everything you want to say inside a line you drew on a blank sheet of paper. Since the line has no dimension, you could not express yourself in it. We exist in both our past and our future and the farther and further we can project ourselves out into both, the more awareness we develop. I remember many past lives, for example, my last in excruciating detail. And I “remember” several lives in my future, one at least with a great deal of detail as well. These memories are what I am made of. They are my relationship to life. In the now there is nothing. Here’s a test of the now: what part of it contains no memories of the past, even of a second ago, and what part of it contains no projection into the future?


    1. Haha 😉 I am feeling better! Thanks.

      No matter how you try to make sense of the line, every point is equally past, present, and future. Since this is ridiculous, we may as well say that there is no true past, present, or future.
      1. Everything comes down to Cause & Effect. Everything is based on the past, and everything effects the future. Everything is both a Cause and an Effect.
      2. The future is set. Free will does exist, but only as an illusion. Every decision you make is actually dependent on Causes from the past. Your frame of mind leading up to the decision is effected by what happened to you in the day leading up to it, your past experiences are going to guide you in making any decision, the exact position and angle that you observe external stimulus from, and on and on into factors that none of us would ever believe could be significant enough to make a perceivable difference. Whatever you believe, the fact is that you were always going to make that particular decision at that particular time. You may change your mind 10 seconds later, but you were always going to do that too.
      3. The past and future don’t physically exist. Matter only exists in the present. If time travel is possible, its only through non-physical means (I’m only 99.9999999% sure that phychics are all full of ***). You may also be able to create the illusion of time travel to the future by putting your physical body into a temporarily static state, but you’ll never physically be able to wink in and out of existence at different points in time.
      4. There may be some special start and end points to time where they’re just a Cause or just an Effect, but I think it may be more likely that time is circular and everything will just lead us back to the same point again. If there was a big bang to create our universe, then whatever ends it will cause another big bang (so points 1 & 2 still hold).


      1. Quote: “Whatever you believe, the fact is that you were always going to make that particular decision at that particular time. You may change your mind 10 seconds later, but you were always going to do that too.”

        To me that’s like the “karma” argument, that we’re here to balance karma, or to somehow fix something we did wrong in a previous life, and my counter argument is, how can you fix anything if you don’t know what it is exactly you’re supposed to fix, in other words, if you can’t clearly go into a past life and see for yourself what it is you did wrong? In your argument, the presupposition is, you were always pre-programmed to do it. My argument is, says who? Who knows this for a fact? There is nothing anywhere that we know of to prove this and it can’t even be presented as a theory since whether one has full free choice and continually changes who s/he is moving into the future, or it’s a predetermined (by whom, and why?) makes absolutely no difference to the outcome. In my case, through dreams and visions, which happened to me therefore cannot be denied except by myself, I’ve “traveled” into the future and “seen” what it is going to be like. When someone says to me that isn’t possible, what can I do but smirk? Nothing is impossible, but a human mind following its own beliefs can say this or that is impossible and believe it, but it doesn’t make it so for anyone else but the one (those) who accept that fiat.
        Because the “now” includes all of the past, and all of the future, then it is no longer a now point, but a tableau on which anyone can travel and recognize or choose her/his place on it, since we’re all a part of this spread. It’s no longer a “now” but an “all” containing the cosmos. Time isn’t relevant to this awareness but it can be used to measure one’s position on the life spread.
        I will make one more point, then let it go: if you lived how you believe then you would have no reason to rant at the world or any condition in it since it’s all pre-ordained, pre-ordered, pre-determined and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to change that: it was always going to be what it is. The “great” men who have made such a chaotic mess of the world could no more change their minds and their acts than could a leopard change his spots. There is no reason then to question anything: all is as it should be and nothing anyone does can change any of it. So, let me ask you this: why are you expressing views that cannot make an iota of difference to what is? Just because you are a pre-programmed puppet forced to write these things? You certainly don’t “sound” like one of those. Your writings are fantastic, your thoughts, those of a highly intelligent and self-aware being. Unlike yourself, I’m not an educated person but I’ve had 70 years of life which I’ve used no only to act as a catalyst for change within myself and without, in my world, but to observe. I observe you and I see a great dichotomy in your philosophy. Time for some serious self-analysis, and perhaps time to adjust or replace some of the claims you accepted from your academia years…
        Be well, take care, and know that you retain my full admiration as a human being.


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