Feeling connected – A sense of belonging makes you happier

Getting back to what’s important.

It’s easy to get lost in this crazy labyrinthine world we call life. From politics and economics to relationships and family, there are so many avenues of drama and stress that cause us to stray from our center.

Ultimately everything in this world is temporary, the day will end and another will begin anew, friends will be made and lost, civilizations rise and then crumble. There is only one constant in this reality being change. You are the universe exploring all possibility, and in order to experience the next thing you must move on from the last. This isn’t to say you should stop enjoying what you have because it will eventually fade away, rather I am telling you to enjoy fully what you have for the time it is here and lose your attachment to it as a necessity.

“If you try to change it you will ruin it, if you try to hold it you will lose it.” -Lao Tzu

We have little control over our environment and circumstances, but what we do have control over is our reactions and our intents. You can’t control the currents of the oceans but you can always set your sails(or drop them if need be). It is from this place we create our true impact on the world. When we become attached to the physical world and our place within it we lose sight of this inner strength, because what is truly important has nothing to do with your wealth, your possessions, your status or anything of that nature. What’s important is how you feel, the quality of life you allow yourself to live, and being here in the moment to absorb everything the universe is giving to you.

Instead of worrying about things up, or losing anything you may have attachment to, acknowledge your attachment, know it’s a part of your being and there’s nothing wrong with feeling this way. But you can better direct the energy around your attachment toward appreciating it for everything you enjoy about it, while simultaneously acknowledging its temporariness. You don’t buy a pet spending your days thinking about how it’s going to die in a decade or two and how devastated you’ll feel to lose it. You spend that time loving your pet, making it happy and appreciating the bond you form together. Yes, the bond will one day be broken but you don’t think about it because of the bliss you get from the experience.

Part of life is suffering and loss, though we know these experiences as disdainful and non-preferable they are the necessary down swing catalyzing the upswings in our lives. If your vessel were a jar, and you had 15 marbles, 7 stones, and 2 gum balls in it, and you want to put 4 crystals inside you might have to lose those gum balls and a few marbles. Or maybe someone kicks your jar over and you lose all your god damned stones(what a jerk). This may create a big emptiness in your jar, but nature always fills a vacuum. When you lose things in life it is usually because something is being cleared to make way for a new experience. Whatever it is you may hold in your jar, it isn’t the possession that makes you happy. The possession is only a medium, a channel through which you can evoke experience and emotion. This entire physical matter reality is a channel for us as conscious awareness to express and experience.

When you go about life and make “important” decisions think less on the worldly aspects and more so on how you feel about it. Does this choice allow me to channel the bliss I want to experience? Is this connection/possession making me feel better or worse internally? Does thinking about/doing -blank- resonate with who I feel myself to be? During this period in humanity’s evolution it’s more important than ever we turn our gaze from the external world, inward toward ourselves. You can never know everything, you can never have everything, and you can never be everything in one life. It is fun and by all means to encourage  and to seek the most out of life, but your happiness will never lie within this seeking. Happiness can only be found when you sync yourself with the here and now to appreciate the abundance already before you.


7 thoughts on “Feeling connected – A sense of belonging makes you happier

  1. When I lived in Japan, or even when I was living as a Japanese wife in my home state, I tried to tell myself that I was “part of” that society but in fact I was always a foreigner and more a part of the groups of foreigners that wanted to be Japanese which was not what I wanted to achieve. So in the end, after 21 years all told, I left the group and went back whence I came and began to re identify with my own culture. Pushing in further, I found a nice community and began to get more involved. Identification with a place or group seems very important; even more than objects or hobbies.

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  2. Once again, I find myself agreeing with most of what you’re saying. There is so much to appreciate in life. Hell, even just being alive and existing are in themselves profound phenomenons (for example, how amazing is it that you have your own conscious in the first place that you can use to experience and process the World around you?).

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