River Mountain Nature Rain

What do I remember from weekend?

Waves lapping the side of river
Cascades of sunlit moisture sheeting cross midair in afternoon raine
Breath of earth heart, soft over the hairs of hilltops
A pair of birds alight on the tree, sheltering wet wings for a brief moment
Alighting into a milk-tea sky
shudders of great vibrations of incomprehensible wiggling motivations
in the breast of the body
unsure if temperature related
lap the side of the valley of the chest like rainclouds outside
the self, set down

mind stills the wavering motions of trees
until flickering awareness gives the apparition stage fright
and with a winking smile too quick to be caught
returns to “just the wind”

the diving sun throws a peal of yellow laughter through the multi-million armed spider
creature that occupies the front yard
and i think of indras net
and how it all seems implied in itself
and how that seems to imply itself

we are going to have to meet each other in stillness again
and put down these adult-like games

stop sharing information on social media if you didn’t originate it
we are plucking the strings of a silken web so vast and interconnected,
causality has moved house
think about it

consumption is fattening us
atrophying our naturally sharp and quick witted senses
our eagerness for candour
and self-love
and real holy laughter, in the river of time

stop eating what they’re selling
don’t you remember where food comes from?
from the earth!
not from the dead hallways of a flourescent morgue
not from the swept carpets of the inner sanctum of decision
not from mad used car salesmen bearing down the news

when was the last time you sat and watched the clouds move?
for hours?
when was the last time you sat and watched your clouds move?
for hours,
at a time?

when was the last time you took a conscious breath, my ancient friend?
felt the play of temperature on still skin for an eternity?

why not start now?
after all,
when else have you got?


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