We Created This Election & We Created This Opportunity

 I’ve scheduled this post in May 2016 – Sorry that it’s already November. I’ve written a lot of draft blog posts that I never published. Most of them are pretty rough, but not all of them. So, I am just publishing only by combining U.S politics all together into one crazy post!


After all, It’s a blog, not an encyclopedia.

This is my unique interpretation of the U.S. 2016 Elections. In order to understand something you must look at the big picture, one would never be able to fully understand the workings of micro-scale bacteria without being able to see their macro-scale effects on an organism.

Ultimately reality is a holographic manifestation and interpretation of our collective internal states. And rather than seeing this election as a shitty outcome of circumstances and candidates I see it as the absolute manifestation of the nations feelings about government as a whole. Whether you’re and avid conspiracy theorist, or an average schmuck, generally faith in the honesty and competency in our political figures is at an all time low. We know that a good portion of them are liars and cheats, we know that they aren’t representing our true interests and have little concern for the general population. Viola our presidential candidates are completely incompetent, corrupt, and untrustworthy. This isn’t a random unfortunate occurrence, but the exact poetic interpretation of what we’ve all been feeling.

This is our opportunity, to finally come together in our understanding of the bastardization and abuse of our political institutions by nefarious economic and corporate entities. We feel overwhelmed and unrecognized by our current governmental institutions, so rather than sulking and letting them pull the same shit they’ve been pulling over on us for years it’s our time now to turn it all around. I have little idea on how we are going to do this, but we have to start taking steps forward and figure it out along the way. The first step is to reach out to others, to connect on the common ground you do share and allow others to maintain their differences.

We’re all getting ******, and if the American population had its way we wouldn’t want Trump or Hillary as a primary candidate. We are the downtrodden masses, and it’s time to take our governments back.

“Freedom of choice”

 Listen to anyone discussing who their gonna vote for from a third person perspective and you really begin to see how insane our dystopian society is. Our debate over which candidate we should elect has gone from “Who can do the best for the country and its people” to “Which one is more likely to push us into world war three and destroy us as a country.”

-I think I’m gonna vote for Hillary, Trump’s gonna push us into a war with China and Russia! Do we really want that loud mouthed loose cannon involved in our foreign affairs? Not to mention all of his racist commentary!

-I hear what you are saying but I think I’m actually gonna vote for trump.. Hillary is so two faced she changes her political stances depending on who she’s talking to. I mean she’s a criminal for crying out loud and should be thrown in prison! She gets all her funding from wall street and corporate entities she’s practically consumed with corruption.

I don’t know about you but I think if we really had a choice, we’d be discussing more about how each candidate could contribute to a future we want to create rather than which candidate will create the least suffering and detriment to our future. These elections are rigged plane and simply… Hillary Clinton has been chosen to be the next president of the United States by the military industrial complex(m.i.c.) Obviously given her criminal history and repetitive lying, not many who really look at her for what she is would want her in office. In order to subvert this, Trump the spoiled millionaire was selected to be her opposing candidate. He is so outrageous, racist, non-pc, and extreme to draw your attention off of Hillary and her critical flaws.

-I don’t think I’m gonna vote for Hillary, I mean she did disclose all of those classified documents in her email, and have you heard about her involvement with Lybi…

-But We Can’t Have Trump As President!!!! Dude he said he could walk into time square and shoot someone without losing support! He said that! I mean really man those emails aren’t that big of a deal, you have to see the bigger picture!

It’s all about distraction. The same people who run the entertainment industry are directly involved in your politics. Wouldn’t you say the political world has become a bit less ‘real’ or ‘meaningful’ and is now more ‘dramatic’ and ‘sensational’. The 1% in control of the media, the banks, and major corporations have been working together to funnel the wealth of the world into their hands as well as expand their dominion of influence and political control. The news, receiving its income as a competitor With the entertainment industry(because ad revenue is based on viewership) has chosen to produces stories and articles that are gripping, emotional, and often exaggerated or fictional. As part of the entertainment industry and no longer committed to providing informative truthful content this compartment of the m.i.c. happily produces content that is beneficial for the 1%. The economic(banking) faction of the m.i.c. has grossly embedded itself into our legislature and politics. Beyond the media budgeting portion of a campaign there are numerous hefty legal fees for things as simple as being listed on the ballot. Not just anyone can run for president, you need money. And the only way you can have enough money to run is (A) you are part of the 1% and can fund yourself, or (B) on behalf of the desires of the 1% you receive campaign contributions in assurance that once you are placed into office you will conform to their agendas.

It’s completely rigged so that you think you’ve elected a candidate into office. When really behind the scenes they’ve chosen who they want to be president, who the opponent will be, which people they will nominate as candidate fodder, and fund them accordingly. If an undesirable candidate who manages to get the required funding enters the race, they don’t give them airtime on television or edit the footage they do show to lessen their appeal. Since the majority of people get their politics from television it’s easy to roll out any election like a movie plot with very little questioning the validity nor benefit of a candidates nomination.

I’m not trying to convince you of “how things are”, I only want you to seriously consider how much of a real choice you are being given in political affairs. To honestly consider on what level you have a voice and how far that voice actually reaches/affects the political body. How much do you actually contribute to who is nominated and put into office. I want you to evaluate how much of a “freedom of choice” you really have, and come up with an honest answer to that.


18 thoughts on “We Created This Election & We Created This Opportunity

  1. It’s truly a joke. The middle of the country has little say in this, and the elections have come down to about 10 swing states. How sad is that? Hillary has been involved with so many shady deals, that any who votes for her must not care about her criminal past. Trump is a buffoon whose ego is only outweighed by his bank account. Here’s how I look at this election. If Hillary wins – more corruption for the next 8 years. If Trump wins – nothing gets done and he doesn’t get re-elected. I’d rather have nothing done for four years if that meant that the era of the Clinton’s were finally over.

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    1. I don’t like either candidate. At all. Hillary would probably make some steps towards the univ.healthcare, which is something I support in theory, but given her authoritarian bent, I’m even concerned that the system could easily be used as leverage to enforce dietary and lifestyle policy, which has been her Modus operandi anyway. For me, the crucial distinction is, Hillary is a capable, well-connected establishment candidate, whereas Trump has proven himself time and again to be an incompetent leader, and the establishment hates him, meaning if he were elected, it’d be a four-year lame duck presidency. I’d rather elect someone who accomplishes nothing than someone who accomplishes things I don’t agree with.

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    1. True. Why to seriously considering Trump? The system of government is fixed, the primary candidates are pre-selected and through media brainwashing we are all convinced we must vote for the lesser of two evils or our vote might as well be tossed in garbage because people only vote for primaries.

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  2. Do you seriously mean We have NO choices, my Dear Aishwariya? And I do not mean between these two, either. Rather, on the whole, in life, even in Politics, No choices? …

    We sit on Our Fat behinds – or thin ones, 🙂 – all the while, while We Could and SHOULD be doing things about Democracy 24×365, instead of gabbing away a few days/weeks/months before elections.

    If anything, let Us Blame Ourselves. Not that finding the blame is the game.

    So the Answer is: 24×365!

    Regards, my Dear.

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  3. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:

    Culled, and edited, from my response to Aishwariya:

    Do We seriously mean We have NO choices? And I do not mean between these two, either. Rather, on the whole, in life, even in Politics, No choices? …

    We sit on Our Fat behinds – or thin ones, 🙂 – all the while, while We Could and SHOULD be doing things about Democracy 24×365, instead of gabbing away a few days/weeks/months before elections.

    If anything, let Us Blame Ourselves. Not that finding the blame is the game.

    So the Answer is: 24×365!


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