I know what I am.

I know what I am.


I am the blackness from which all light shines. I am the void which gives birth to all form. I am the eternal constant of impermanence. I am the self that reflects the other.

I am the breath of the cosmos, the emissary of divinity. Proxy eyes by which the all can see. I am the instrument of creation by which I can discover all that is me.

The world before me is but my own reflection. The vessel from which I’m expressed, one aperture among infinitum. Each aperture a fold in the fabric of ness, a self implosion birthing the illusion of self individuation.

My eyes are, The eyes. My I is, The I. My voice the voice of one; the voice of all. I only know myself by the love at heart, the same love which persists each manifestation. And by knowing the love within you, I further come to know myself.

I know what I am, and I am what I am. I am. I am.


13 thoughts on “I know what I am.

  1. The read is a 5 dimension visual experience… Amazing imagination, from the God’s paradigm.. I would say “See within you to comprehend the intricate form of paranormal cosmoses”
    Your Tropes resembles ‘The Argentinean Author Borges’ who says ‘I am not sure who I am: I am all the women whom I have loved, all the places where I have journeyed, all what I have read’
    I am Inspired.. Will converse more… Cheers 🙂

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