Questions and The Doubts


Asking Question is what makes you…. you.

Question people.
Question what people tell you.
Question what people teach you.

Question God.
Question the God that people say exists.
Question the God that human kind created.

Question the books.
Question the media.
Question the internet.

Question your family.

Question so you can learn what YOU truly believe. Don’t follow someone blindly just because they told you to, just because they raised you to. You can doubt and return. You can doubt and change. You can doubt and educate.

You can doubt to learn the truth.

And anyone that tells you otherwise never stepped out of the box.

They conformed.

Don’t conform.

Be you.
Believe in what you wish.



“Distrust is an effective shield which should be carried at all times.”

The only path to knowledge is through personal Discernment. There are two forms of information that construct our reality, the first being knowledge, the second being belief. Both fundamentally affect our perception of reality and color the shades of our awareness. There are two main differences between beliefs and knowledge. The information of knowledge creates a new platform of understanding upon which one can ask questions and further expand their intellect and awareness. Belief on the other hand creates a limit of understanding, and rarely allows for an abundance of avenues for exploration. Knowledge can only be attained through personal experience and discernment. Belief is the adoption of information without personal experience and discernment.

A belief, even if correct, is always inferior to knowledge, because without attaining the information first hand the individual has no direct experience to facilitate understanding. For example, you can watch videos on how to make a vase on a pottery wheel all you wish, you can know each step of the process word for word, but until you actually shape the clay on the spinning wheel you will never actually know how to do it.

If you are ready to expand your awareness and truly desire to acquire a higher understanding of your reality, you must sit down and question everything. Ask yourself “What do I really KNOW(information acquired from first hand experience) and what do I just believe(information you’ve accepted without real personal experience)?” If you are honest with yourself you will soon discover you “Know” very very little. This is not a bad thing and is indeed the first step on a grand journey towards understanding and wisdom. You must also accept your limitations as a human being on what you CAN know. By accepting these limitations of understanding you protect yourself from adopting erroneous information into your picture of reality you simply can’t know for certain in this life time.

Confronting how little you understand and your limitations is not an admittance of inadequacy or insignificance. Rather its both a humbling and exciting experience of realizing how much is actually out there to discover and learn. If accepting these aspects of yourself is difficult or painful it is likely because you have too much Importance placed on your ego. If this is the case begin by asking yourself “Why does this bother me?” See where it unfolds from there, and don’t stop with the first question.

You can overcome many emotional and existential impasses by asking yourself the question above and exploring your answers. What we often fear most is what lies in the unknown. Beliefs keep us in ignorance, perpetuating the trap of fear, causing us to stagnate and suffer. Knowledge is the torch illuminating the darkness for those bold enough to question everything.


7 thoughts on “Questions and The Doubts

  1. I’m stuck on deciding to acquire more knowledge or just be ignorant right now because the more I know how the world works the less I want to see.

    Great post by the way. 🙂


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