The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster

Esteban Santiago Is A Victim Of The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster.

At the risk of losing credibility and followers I must talk to you about something very serious which threatens to undermine the freedom and liberties of us all. What I am about to discuss is deeply disturbing, not everyone who reads this will believe it, and even fewer will investigate the claims I am about to make. But I implore you, for the sake of yourself, for the sake of humanity, read the following with an open mind, and don’t discount its possibility until you have genuinely researched the topic for yourself.

-Esteban Santiago is the victim an #MKULTRA mind control program.

Yeah, imagine me with a tin-foil hat if you like, but the fact of the matter is the “MKULTRA” program is a real partially declassified mind control operation conducted by the CIA that began in the 50’s and was supposedly halted in the mid 70’s.

The test subjects of this program were/are non-consenting U.S. & Canadian citizens, whom were/are often illegally kidnapped. These poor individuals are subject to many experiments, declassified documents elaborate on doping subjects up with various chemicals such as Scopolamine to induce the subject into a more manipulatable state. There were also various experiments exploring trauma(including torture and rape) as a way to cause the subject to disassociate and enter a programable trance. Actual victims of the MKULTRA program report other, even more profound methods the CIA used to manipulate them. Often victims claim the CIA was able to project visual and auditory hallucinations into their experience of consciousness. Several whistleblowers from within the unacknowledged special access project realm of the military industrial complex refer to technology capable of doing exactly this under the term “Voice of God”.

Now I know what you’re thinking, that last part just seems too inconceivable right? If so just set it aside for now and continue on, but keep two things in mind; 1, Whatever technology is commercially available, what the government has is at minimum several decades ahead. 2, if you are already conducting a HIGHLY ILLEGAL mind control operation and have 20+ years of research and development invested in it, would you really just suddenly disband the whole program? All you’d have to if the program received too much notoriety is claim its disbanded and operate in different locales under different code names. Imagine where this program would-be/is 60-70 years after its conception.

-What We Currently Know About Esteban Santiago, And How It Correlates.

Within the past several years one particular victim of MKULTRA, Matthew Pauly has come out and claims his abductions began in 2005. This man found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, and said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Long story short saying the wrong thing got him psychologically profiled as a prime candidate for the R&D side of the MKULTRA operation within Canadian borders. As a mind control R&D subject he discovered an insidious plot by the CIA in where Canadian citizens are abducted to test and perfect new methods of mind control which are later used on subjects within the borders of the United States. Those victims are then programmed to go out and commit “terrorist acts” and “mass shootings” to manipulate and DISTRACT the American public. You can listen to Matthew Pauly’s story here

Some of the latest findings on Esteban Santiago are that he had been dealing with “mental illness”, and had recently been hospitalized. Esteban claimed he was hearing voices, and that the CIA was trying to manipulate him and force him to join Isis. In an act of desperation, the man walked into the FBI’s office in Anchorage Alaska, and tried to tell them what the CIA was doing, but was quickly hospitalized afterwards. (Because who would believe him?)

Think of to the long line of “mass shooters” we’ve seen over the past few years, view their mug shots, the majority of faces all have the same trance like, despondent, almost drugged look to them. 99% of the time a “mass shooter” draws fire, the media has the full story and full background of the individual already prepared and ready to go. It takes time to do research and compile it into a readable form, which then has to be sent, approved, distributed, edited and tailored, to each station all before a news story can reach you on your television. Does no one seriously question the speed at which the media is preparing statements surrounding these events, often before the police investigation fully ensues?

I postulate to you that MANY(not all) of these mass shooters we keep seeing(especially in the case of Santiago) are victims themselves. These poor people are being mind controlled into killing others, and the (understandably)oblivious public just wants to vilify them and sentence them in a crusade of nationalistic retribution. I know for many of you this seems too crazy to consider, but can you honestly believe the narratives they keep feeding us every time this happens? With the police interrogation currently underway and a lot of unknowns yet to be answered it will be interesting to see where this story goes, but something feels very wrong about this incident. I’d advise everyone to keep tabs on what agreements are being made and legislation is being passed during the next few days while this story is being sensationalized.



3 thoughts on “The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster

  1. I don’t have any problem following you on that. I knew a man in northern Alberta (Canada) in the 60’s who had been a victim of MKULTRA brainwash. Yes, why would they stop just because of bad press and publicity? Change modus operandi; change the name, business as usual.


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