Man, Dream! – The sleep of reason

Man, dream!
Man, dream!
Man, dream!
dream of cities walled, of malls,
gritty city streets, halls of commerce
stacks of paper miles deep
things to make your children weep

dream of guns, of bullets,
of rifle-song, of the guillotine
of obscene bombs twenty
thousand strong bursting
over the heads of

dream of empire, dream of walls,
of Coliseum miles tall
of hemp-liars, of mournful squall

dream of riches untold, bold financial
tales of gold, dream of what is bought and sold
grip ye that which thou canst hold

dream, man, dream!
dream a dream of extremes, of reams
of sunlight blocked by beams
of steel and concrete seams
of screams of young and hearted
finding nothing’s as it seems

Dream man, dream big, dream wide!
Dream of anything but what’s inside,
what resides in tides of blind
vociferous grasping of the mind

Man, dream
dream of death, dream of life
not lived but left to rot
upon the shelf while
you pursue a futile wealth

Man, dream
dream of self, dream of
what you think is health
til sickness built from
sickly “I” gives you
a welcome alibi
to blame any and every
body else

Man, dream
dream of utopia at the end
of the gun, of battles lost
and battles won, of how he was
your only son

Man, dream, dream
a bloody carnival, with clown
and lion intermixed to make
the blood for holy Baal

Man, dream
dream away the light
dream into the darkest night
dream all forms and shapes of fright
dream exhausted, no delight
dream the forms of commerce trite
dream that They are never right
dream that You have finer sight
dream that it’ll be alright
dream away the horrors, strains
dream a godly dream again
dream a dream of falling rain
dream it washes away yr pain
dream that no-one is insane

dream again
dream again
dream again

Man, dream!
Man, dream!
Man, dream!


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