Sushumna Tale

Too raunchy for print, that last one

Nonetheless, perhaps something for your
little ears, my children, a Mild Spice
an Anglicisation of materac

There is a minded artifact in this world
A soul vine
Who calls softly through the wind
to those who would hear it
listen now, carefully, if you can
Do you hear Her?
You can find Her at the base of your spine
go there now, a snake awaits
coiling subtly on the basal vertebrae
An inverted orange triangle hovers
in space
giving off warm trails of
crackling, effervescent light
Greet her, loud loudish lover
treat her kindly
Invite her into the kingdom
at the top of the skull,
give her reason,
give her love
“Come my darling,
up above, far beyond
the reach of doves!”
She winds through the
bone brick road, illuminating
your hips and your lowers
with a frothing bath water
which bubbles and rises
yellowing into your gut
and washes up and into
the centre of your breathe
diaphragmatic, where she
dances in ouroboric circlets,
widening to tickle the limits
of your inner skin
She spirals, she coils, she courses
up spine and through
ribcage divine, each bone flashing thru
with a viridescent green to the tip
of its beam
She wriggles into your heart,
and a hearth-y swelter raises hairs
on your chest as tendrillic fibres of finest
soul mist snake up through your shoulders
The sky opens up in the centre of the neck
as her head passes through, an
endless blue of azure hue
envelops you and drags you
up on a wind throughdownin the space
‘tween your eyes, where
the endless expanse of night opens wide
deep blue
as you open
A great chorus rises, choirs of
heavenly beings sing her greetings
in glassy tones of deepest warm earth
and blackest void sky
The skull cracks open
White-gold light pours into the lens
a thousand petal lotus blooms
She coils tight round the length of
the soul vine
All space and time disappear into an instant
One self, void, on the waters of eternity
breath stirs the lapping waves
of infinity
Final recognition dawns


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