Living from the heart

Moving from mind space into the heart space.

Spiritual life is not about knowing much, it’s about loving much. It’s your doorway to freedom, doorway to what is eternal, doorway to what about you can’t be lost or gained. In many spiritual traditions the heart has been referred to as the seat of the soul. Understanding and beginning to view your body in this way is really important because so much health and vitality can come as a result of connecting with and honoring the separate parts of the ecosystem that is your body.  And one of the most important parts of your body to connect with is the heart.

The heart is the first organ to appear when the body is developing in utero (womb). When an embryo is made up of only a very few cells, each cell can get the nutrients it needs directly from its surroundings.  But as the cells divide and multiply to form a growing body, it soon becomes impossible for nutrients to reach all the cells efficiently without help.  The cells also produce waste that they need to get rid of.  So the heart and the blood and circulatory system that branches off from the heart, form the first organ system to develop in the human body.  The heart is the connection between all future systems, which comprise the body.  This is why it is so often seen as the center of your being.  You can use the heart as a doorway to send those signals to the brain which acts as an interface between physical and non-physical reality. Heart is the very first feed from non-physical into physical reality. It is the main doorway between your soul and your physical body. Thoughts aren’t contained in the brain. You can also use the heart to send energy to all parts of your body (much like it sends blood to all parts of your body). Thoughts are communicated through the body through the heart first. So getting close to the heart is your way to get close to which is eternal about you, non-physical energy, source energy or we could say GOD.

The heart is full of neurotransmitters. It is one of the largest electromagnetic fields of anything in your body. In fact, its electromagnetic field is unparalleled by the brain. It is 100 times electrically stronger and up to 500 times magnetically stronger than the brain.


 In order to move from the mind into the heart space, it’s a benefit to treat the heart as if it is its own entity, because in a way it is. We can let it speak its own truth, express its own wisdom and to help us make decision on our day-to-day life. Also involve it in our conversation with ourselves and with others, by doing this all our conversations and all our interactions with ourselves and with others become meaningful and all choices we make are lined up with the highest good for ourselves.       

We need to make space in our lives for quiet. Stimulus that surrounds us keeps us in our minds, it keeps is at the mercy of our mind which is always judging “what it is that we’re perceiving in our environment”. Your heart is located right under your sternum in the center of your chest or center of your intuition.  The intuition will never interfere or compete with anything. Its voice though steady is very quiet. We need to find the space of quiet so we can clearly hear that voice. Meditation is the best way, as far as I’m concerned, to achieve this kind of quiet. I find it as a best way to quiet the mind so that heart can have its way in terms of what we’re doing and we are saying in our life here. When we get the mind out-of-the-way the heart can really have dominion.

Intuition is the perspective of the higher self. It is the mist objective perspective. It is not cluttered by assumption and is not cluttered by judgments. It doesn’t have to justify its own perspective and it is always in line with the highest good. So tapping into your intuition, getting in touch with your intuition is how seat yourself in the heart instead of mind.

We also want to cultivate honesty. Until we are honest with ourselves, we are lining in the prison of our own lives. We need to let the conditioning and the illusions fall at our feet and fall away in order to let the heart, which is our true self, express itself. And moving into the heart space, we need to begin to live our lives for joy. We need to allow ourselves to fill up our cup. The heart knows that we are the center of our universes and therefore it wants your cup to be full. I will explain it in this way: You could imagine everyone on this earth as a cup. A cup which doesn’t tip. So when you’re going around and trying to always bring joy to others, sometimes at the self-sacrifice that you are now experiencing, you are trying to tip a cup which doesn’t tip. The only way you can help this world to become what you want it to become, is to understand that it is the center of the universe. Your only option is to fill up your own cup. And let the cup overflow. It is the overflow which then creates the kind of world which is full of peace and kindness and compassion. So we have to be brave enough to follow our own joy, our own bliss and fill our self with love, if we are going to live in the heart space.

To live in the heart space we also want to cultivate horizontal thinking which the platform for humility is. Horizontal thinking means this: “I am not better than.” “I am not less than.” “I am not even equal. We are one.”

To explain what I mean by horizontal and vertical thinking:

It’s very easy when you are in the judgmental mind to understand not equanimity, to not understand that when you are walking into an experience with another person, your perspective and their perspective are not in competition and they are of equal value to the universe that is. When you have feelings like shame or like pride, that’s vertical thinking. Instead when you walk into the room with compassion and understand this equanimity and cultivate a type of appreciation for that which is other, as long as that which is self, you are thinking horizontally which the way that the universe views life is.

We also want to cultivate detachment. Heart is the very best at it. We need to sit with ourselves where ever we are. Your heart does not seek to escape, anything about the present moment. It doesn’t want to escape where you are, it doesn’t want to escape how you are feeling, because it understands that enlightenment can only happen where you stand. Where you stand is the truth of the experience which it seeks. It is not good or bad. It just is.

Detachment, contrary to popular belief, does not mean to remove oneself from the experience and not let it impact you. It means to let the experience penetrate you fully. If you try to avoid going all the way through the emotions of the experiences that you are having, you will never become detached from them. Becoming detached means to dive into the emotion of the experience, in the depths of all of those emotions and understand that you will drop out the other side with full understanding.

We also need to learn to live in the present moment. It is all there is. The heart knows it. If we live mentally in the past and in the future, we will never fully awaken the lives that we are living. We will never fully experience the feeling of water falling over our skin when we are in the shower. We won’t really be living life. We will be living a life which is asleep instead of awake, and that is not the heart’s way.

The heart space is one of compassion. Cultivating compassion is one of the core important things to do in spiritual practice. It is what tells us that there is no separation. Other people’s joy is our joy, other people’s suffering is our suffering, my story is your story and vice versa. Compassion allows us to live according to unity, free from the illusion and the prison of our own individual experience. Practice listening to and understanding other people deeply. This will help you to forgive and to connect with the world. It will help you to move past judgment. Judgment is a mind process. Understanding is a heart process. The heart does not want walls between itself and anything. To it, there can be no such thing as an adversary or an enemy. It simply is in the state of receptivity and offering. So, when you are with people take the opportunity to listen deeply reach for understanding, because that will cause us to see ourselves, really truly without illusions. And what’s more amazing is that when you move into the space of compassion, we will become the love that we are seeking in the world.

Living from the heart means to emanate your true essence. It means to be fully present and become the embodiment of love, equanimity and freedom. It is your truest and most natural state. We have really been conditioned away from it. It is possible when practicing being in the heart space, after a while, to pull the mind and the brain and our thought processes into alignment with the heart space, with living from the heart. And once we do that, we will be experiencing a kind of wholeness in our lives, which is so far beyond duality and conflict that we will know what it is to live as our essential selves.

This is the point at which we will discover the Buddha which resides inside every single person and every single thing on this planet. Every single person we meet at that point will be exposed to us as the Buddha that resides within them. We will see their intimate potential. We will see all it is that they are capable of doing. We will see who they truly are not who they are being. It doesn’t matter how closed off someone else is to their own Buddha consciousness. When you are living in the heart space, you are adding to that aspect of another person that you were looking at. And then, it will become much easier for them to awaken to it in themselves.

Likewise, opening up and living your life from the heart space instead of the mind-space is how to awaken to you the own aspect of your personality, that is a Buddha. This Buddha-like nature is not just an aspect of ourselves, it is our true selves. So it is my wish that you discover this aspect in yourself.

Take some time to feel how your heart feels to you on both a sensation level and on an emotional level. Your heart is like a friend.  A friend you probably don’t know very well yet.  But it has its own signature just like your friends do.  This is why you can feel it as a being inside of you with a very specific life’s purpose to fulfill, namely to keep you alive.

Express the love you have for your heart. See your heart sucking this love up and pumping it through your arteries and veins throughout the entire rest of your body.  Feel your body as it too soaks up this love that the heart is pumping to it.  Watch that love diffuse throughout your whole body and throughout each tiny little cell.

The more connected you are with your heart, the more connected you are with your own personal truth and the more connected you are with your soul. Your heart bears the burden of the emotional trauma that you have experienced throughout your life. You are in a relationship with your heart. Your heart is your best friend and it is your life partner. If you want yourself to thrive, you have to treat the relationship with your heart like you would treat the relationship with your significant other.



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  1. I had missed this post of yours. I’ve scanned it and now I realize I need to read it in depth and ponder it. The heart… yes, the heart, but that is a physical organ… where’s the mind?


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