See without your eyes in under 5 minutes

Before we begin, what you must know is that you are more than just a fleshy human being. Your body exists inside of you, the true you is not bound by any measurable means of space or time. You are awareness, and awareness is a void space, a medium in which an infinite variety of experiences can take place.

To illustrate what I mean, close your eyes for 15 seconds and imagine a blue ball. It can be made of anything, you can personalize it if you wish, just think of the best damn blue ball you ever thought.

It’s okay, I can wait, visualize it now!

So what you just did here, is you generated a visual experience without any input from your eye’s! (nice looking ball by the way, very blue, good job :D) now I’m sure that ball wasn’t as solid as a ball in reality, it may have even been fuzzy/transparent or transformed (idk how your mind works), but the fact is you visually experienced SOMETHING in your mind. Close your eyes again for 30-60 seconds but this time instead of trying to visualize a ball, simply listen to all your physical senses, your sense of touch, your hearing, the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, take the information from all these senses and see how much of it you can be aware of at one time.

Go ahead I’ll be here when you get back!

So this time while you had your eyes closed, you may have begun to visualize the information you received from your senses. Perhaps you became aware of flatness of the floor, maybe there was a draft of air wafting between your arm and your body, possibly you attributed a distance or direction to whatever sounds you may have been hearing. In whatever form it manifested, dim or detailed, vague or acute, you were aware of the space around you without stimuli from your eyes. This void space you experience when you close your eyes, that space things happen ‘Within’ is you, thusly this void space never vanishes, rather what happens when you open your eyes is you allow a specific bandwidth of information to continually decode into a visual experience within the void.

Think you have the general idea? then let’s continue to the final exercise.

It’s one thing to know the void and be aware of its permeation, but it is another to feel/see it as part of your being. Beware, once you start doing this it becomes addicting ;P

Take your dominant arm and raise it slightly in the air and outward(you can experiment with different angles but the position isn’t important, don’t strain yourself, relax). For the next several minutes you can either close your eyes or look away from your arm, but what you are attempting to do is completely disregard any visual stimuli and see your hand based solely off the feeling of its location. As you let go of your eyes and become aware of your arm visualize a cloud of energy engulfing your entire arm and give it a colour(the energy I visualize is typically reminiscent of blue fire). After a few moments you should actually be able to feel/see this energy using the sight of your mind rather than your eyes. The longer you concentrate on this visual the more intense the sensation will become.

So I can trip myself out and make myself feel cool weird fire stuff around my arms, what good does any of this actually do for me? Well, you won’t gain any superpowers over night, nor does the expanded energy around your arm do anything in particular. The purpose of this exercise is to give you an introduction to a new sense and is by no means the only exercise one can use to access it. Seeing without your eyes is a gateway to an infinite amount of information. Via this platform one can gain access to astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis, and much more. The world of psychic abilities is as diverse as it is simple, as all these abilities of consciousness begin with visualization through the mind’s eye.


6 thoughts on “See without your eyes in under 5 minutes

  1. Wow.. You have explained this in such a lucid manner. Amazing. I always wonder how our imagination is such powerful and humans so weak in using this. We need more awareness about such things. It’s very interesting sphere of topics.

    And I liked your method of this, blue sphere.

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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  2. Concisely stated. Amazing how much modern living (technology) has robbed people of their innate ability to visualize; to imagine, to dream and to validate that state of mind. A huge loss to the species. Long ago I came to realize that a human being is essentially a mind being, the mind being that which lives on; that which imagines, images, creates and remembers both the past and the future. But once the main focus has slipped down into the nitty-gritty of flesh and bone, and of brain, much of what constitutes the true human is lost.

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