What is happening in Syria?!

Now more than ever as a nation we need to pierce the veil of mainstream media propaganda and investigate for ourselves the events of both national and international concern.

Over the past several days reports have come in of chemical attacks within Syria, killing many civilians including women and children. Though these attacks are real, we are being lied to about the who’s & why’s by the mainstream media.

The western media has a long history of making false allegations towards middle eastern countries and their governments, to gain support in the global community for “military interventions”. Often times making claims before any real information can be legitimately obtained through investigation, or outright contradicting these investigations findings.

This video discusses the ongoing unfounded claims by the U.S. that Syria is using chemical weapons, and the way the western funded “rebel groups” create these horrific events to blame them on the Syrian government.

What happens in Syria over the coming decade will ultimately define how humanity proceeds as a civilization over the next century. With Russia as a staunch defender of Syria, and erroneous reports being promoted by the mainstream media goading U.S./U.N. Military action, we can’t afford to remain ignorant of these foreign affairs. Military action against the Syrian government based on false claims could lead to a war with Russia. It is the job of the people to inform themselves, and stand against the insanity we are being encouraged to accept.


2 thoughts on “What is happening in Syria?!

  1. The Halabja chemical attack that killed thousands of Kurds by fellow Ba’athist Saddam Hussein were not false allegations. Nor were the Ghouta gas attacks that Assad used in 1988, killing over 1,000 people, mostly women and children. Assad has a bad history.

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