Kullaberg Hike

Wild, beautiful, wonderful with breathtaking rocks

I and my husband went on a hike, along with a group of 5 people. The hike was hosted in Hiking around Skåne facebook page. I might be advertising this page a lot! 

We took a train from Lund Central to Helsingborg and then a bus to Mölle where we started the hike through Kullaberg, a big natural reserve that lies along the coast line in the north west of Skåne. We had a great day in perfect weather.  

Kullaberg is one of the many nature reserves in Skåne, which is situated near a small town called Mölle- the picturesque village. It has a very scenic landscape with steep cliffs and rocky caves that are very close to the sea. 




We continued on towards Ransvik, where the rumor of the “sinful Mölle” was created in the early 20th century. Ransvik is the first place in Sweden where the communal bath was formed ( the beach where women and men first started swimming together in Sweden)





Lahibia cave down the steep down with 60 m elevation. The cave is 8 m deep and 7 m wide. It was formed when the sea level was higher and the bedrock was pressed down
after the Ice Age. Waves from the sea, frost erosion and weathering carved the cave in the rock.  Traces from the early Stone Age have been found in caves at Kullaberg.





Through birch and juniper woods, over hills and cliffs with breathtaking views of Öresund, we’ll approach Kullen’s Lighthouse at the top of Kullaberg.


This has been a lighthouse site since the 13th century, and the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe was the lighthouse keeper in the 16th century. Now, it is Sweden’s brightest lighthouse. 

We got some food and something to drink and have a picnic at the lighthouse. 🙂 


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