How limited eyes really are!

Sometimes I like to cross my eyes and analyze the variances in the dual image. In doing this you break the automatic corrections your brain makes in its own interpretation of the dual information.

The first things I notice are my left eye’s imagery has a much better resolution for detail, while my right seems to pick up a more vibrant pallet of color. My left eye likes to cast the world in a slightly bluer shade than my right, which would be imperceptible were it not for the cross-comparative.

As the analysis continues the differences grow in number until I become acutely aware of the two vastly different images each eye seems to report. Confronted with the strengths and weaknesses of each apparatus a new awareness forms of how limited my eyes really are. I become aware of the fact that the images that construct my vision are simply that, images. Not solid objects arranged in a space surrounding my being, but two streams of overlayed 2D information creating a 3D visual affect in the same manner as 3D glasses.

And my mind begins to wonder, what lies beyond it?


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