The wedding post – Part 1


You know I’ve been trying to write this post for past 1 weeks. As promised, I am back with photos and information about our wedding down in South India, Coimbatore. I can tell you everything about our wedding, which was on July 5th. Well, as you will see, our wedding was a traditional Indian wedding.

It will forever be seared in my mind as the most beautiful occasion of my life, but I also wanted to write it down, with some of my reflections, before the freshness fades and the normality of life takes over again. 

For me, our wedding week actually began on July 2nd, when friends and family started arriving from a variety of places around the world. We had a week of love and laughter and some of the best times, preparing, eating great food, and enjoying the community. That week was just so beautiful.


That person would give their time and their money to travel halfway around the world or more, just to join us and love us. I honestly have the best friends and the great family I could ever ask for. Seeing so many people that I love in one place was too much for me at times. The greatest gift.

Andzia, Feszta, Kama, most precious friends from a long time. (For those who are new to my blog, please dig my old blog posts to know them) They who have been my friends through the fiercest of my life’s storms.  I do not honestly believe there could be greater friends in the history of the world. They have loved and stood with me for years, and across countries and language barriers, and no distance has ever stopped them. When I say they are the best, I mean it with every fiber of my being.  Those girls who make my heart glow.

Kama & Andzia
Saddam, Andzia, Kama, Anka





Marion, Helene, Anka, Andzia




Aga, Premek, Pawel








How exciting was every step in the preparation, of every detail for the wedding, although I will not deny that the stress also became overwhelming, to the point that I was furious for at least 50% of the event. It’s easy for others to say, “It’s your wedding, be happy” but the pressure surrounding a wedding is absolutely enormous, but then small things like the music and dance set me off.




My brother & my parents became my wedding planner, I really would not have done anything without their help. They took my ideas and those of my husband until making them a reality. Little by little everything was falling into place. Anusha my sister in law & my cousins Indra Akka, Kavya and Eshu were beside me throughout the wedding ceremony and helped me in getting ready. 

One day prior to the wedding




Those are sweets!

Viratham. This ritual is performed by my family as well as by Ram’s family and marks the transition from being single to lead a family life. 




Paalikai Thellithal (Sprinkling of paalikai) involves the filling of clay pots with nine varieties of grains. Married women pour water from either side of the pot. This is followed by the singing of traditional songs. The grains are allowed to sprout, by soaking them in water for a day or two. The sprouting of the grains is a symbolic representation of progeny of the couple to be married. 

 Naandi ceremony is conducted to honor the Pithrus (ancestors) and seek their blessings for a long and prosperous life for the couple. The ceremony is conducted by vaadyar (priest) in which Brahmins are invited and presented with gifts, sweets and a sumptuous meal. Families seek the blessings of their ancestors, to ensure that the wedding is carried on smoothly.

Nichayadartham is a ceremony where we both get engaged once again. The ceremony starts with the offer of prayers to Lord Ganesha, who is believed to banish all obstacles. A pooja is conducted by vaadyar (priest) and a final agreement of marriage is made between both of our families.


Jaanavaasam or the ‘Maapillai Azaippu‘. A pooja ceremony happens at a temple. The Jaanavaasam is to ‘show ‘ Ram to the public and allow them to voice objections if any, to the marriage. My brother puts garland around Ram’s neck, in order to welcome him at the entrance of the wedding venue.

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And Of course the Reception. To the party. To the joy-abundant celebration.






20 thoughts on “The wedding post – Part 1

  1. Every piece of the event is beautiful. A different tradition though.. makes us know of how different India is from North to South. Many congratulations. Happines and more of it. 😊

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  2. Hi Ash ! First of all I wish u a very happy married life ! U look absolutely gorgeous! Its pity though I was not invited being ur wp buddy ! Hahjaa kidding ! U r the only reason I open WP if I need some intellectual food ! Keep it up! 😊🤚🏻

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