It is time to start waking up and taking this world back for ourselves!

It’s not going to be an easy road, which is why we have pushed it off, but the time is now….

Allow me to set the stage: The year is 2017, humanity lies at the crux of a third and assuredly final world war. The governments whom preside over the people have been hijacked by a band of psychopaths, hellbent on controlling not only every aspect of humanity but reality itself. This collision of megalomaniacs has seeded its influence into virtually every aspect of human society but for the first time we are being given a real opportunity to break free from it.

The internet has given rise to a new surge of awareness throughout the global population. Before the 1980s we were virtually cut off from the world beyond our immediate surrounding communities. What happened in one region tended to stay in one region, it took a lot more energy back then for information to travel. But now almost every being on this earth has the capacity to shout a message to the world from the small black device in their pockets.

It’s become a lot more difficult to hide anything in this world of growing awareness. With countless eyes waiting to record and upload their experience to the collective database our voice has never been more powerful. It only takes one video, one picture, one voice to set off a chain reaction of demanding truth and justice on global a scale. I am certain stories like Flint Michigan are nothing new in terms of how our government operates. Neither are the lies and discrepancies we’ve discovered about all the wars waged in the Middle East. This system has always used dirty tricks, poisoned and massacred entire regions to push its agendas. The only difference now is we have the ability to share it with one another instantaneously and simultaneously!

We can awaken ourselves!!! We are awakening ourselves!!! Every day our collective database receives more and more uploads of people preaching their truth, and refusing to stay silent over what they have witnessed.

As Charlie Chaplin once said “Do not despair, the misery that is upon us is but the passing of greed. The greed of men who fear the way of human progress.”

As we awaken so will the attempts and thrashings of the psycho-syndicate shake the world as it tries so desperately to maintain control over us. But we are on the road to our liberation, and reinvigoration as we advance into worlds faring civilization! We are resilient, we are imaginative, and above all we are infinite.

Now is our time to shine. Go out and preach your truth, reach out and connect informing yourself with what the world has to say, we are all in this together.


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