Breathe In, Hold, Breathe Out


-Do You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Way? Are you trying to get back in the saddle but nothing is seeming to work?

During times of great change and unpredictability, it is easy to become ungrounded and imbalanced. Often times it may feel that the more you attempt to get yourself back on track the more you seem to fall off the path. This can place us in a vicious cycle of chasing our own tail, seeking to catch that which we have forgotten ourselves to be.

-Breaking The Cycle

The first step to acquiring relief is acceptance of who you are and where you are at – You are not broken. Nothing Is wrong with you ❤ You are exactly where you need to be, confronting exactly what you need to confront, and the great stress you feel is only symptomatic of all the great work that you are doing.

It is important in the face of adversity and struggle to remind ourselves of some fundamentals;

We live in a universe of duality, the forces of light & dark, positive & negative are mutually exclusive and cannot exist without the other. Black will never triumph over white, and white will never wash out all the black, the presence of all the negative is here for the complete witness of the self. Do not judge yourself for you darker parts, accept them and realize they are the aspects that define your light.

You are consciousness, you are the all looking within, the infinite exploring all possibilities. Whatever may happen, whatever experience comes your way, it is one of these possibilities. At one point or another you were going to have to confront it, so whatever you are confronting confront it now, for it is the time. You can handle anything because you are everything, and when the worst comes to the worst, you can rest assured it is only temporary and another step of the journey.

You may be the divine incarnate, but try not to forget you are also having a human experience, this life wouldn’t be a human experience if you didn’t make “mistakes”. Don’t be hard on yourself for the limitations you face in your current form. You came into this life with these limitations so that you could learn from them.

-Finding Your Way Back To The Path

To get back on track and keep striding down the path you need only realize you never got off it. You are on your path and it takes a route that no one else’s does. No one can tell you which way is the right way to go, only YOU can navigate YOUR journey. Whenever you feel lost just take a seat on the side of the road to collect yourself and gather your bearings. The road’s not going anywhere, and it will always be here for you to walk on. Liken it to an actual walk down a dirt road, if you keep walking forward without stopping every few miles to rest and stretch you’ll begin to cramp up and ache. Push yourself for too long and you’ll come to a grinding halt until your body is forced to recoup and regenerate.

Make the conscious decision today to step aside and give yourself a breather, and remind yourself to do so often. Stretch out those metaphysical gams of yours, and maybe even kick back, smell the roses, and do some cloud gazing for a while. You are on a journey, not a race, there is no final destination, so what’s the point of rushing? You’ve earned this rest, and you’ll need it with many more for the long journey ahead.

I leave you with the love and the light of the one infinite creator.


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