Perhaps it’s time to consider this is all a scam…?

We have the technology to explore the solar system, to colonize Mars, and transform humanity into a spacefaring civilization… But it costs too much money.

We have such incredible advancements in medicine we have the capability to heal the sick, the wounded, and the dying… But it’s not covered by insurance.

We have enough food to feed the world in excess… but the vast majority can’t “pay for it”.

There are more vacant homes than homeless… and more “homes” are being built

Think about how many brilliant doctors, scientists, and engineers our civilization has lost because they couldn’t pay for their classes

We have the technology to eliminate our use of fossil fuels which would allow us to stop polluting the environment… but the average “consumer” can’t afford them

It’s called “capitalism” + “oligarchy”.

If you’re rich, have capital, you can control the policies that the government enacts, controlling the power of acquisition that the “other”(poor) has and /or the choices of products and services they have access to. This includes schools, education, childcare, health services, medicines…


15 thoughts on “Perhaps it’s time to consider this is all a scam…?

  1. Probably you would have heard about the scam created using cholesterol level in US. For years, patients continued to use these medicines which was not needed in first place. All for profits of pharma companies!

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    1. Yeah, Sure I know! And yes pharmaceutical companies are not benevolent societies, they are for profit.
      I read a great book called- Show me the money honey-which mentions this a lot and other scams and lies. Ian Wishart wrote the book, very good book exposing big Pharma and food lies. He has a chapter on salt, caffeine, manuka honey, cholesterol, fats and much more. Very good and proven scientific research.

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  2. No it’s not a scam it is the way human nature works. There is always a pecking order and it maintains a pyramid of wealth and prosperity. The wealth pyramid is a global one but also each nation has its own pyramid of wealth distribution. If we were to level the global pyramid nearly all in the western democracies would become considerably poorer.
    The top 1% of the world’s wealth resides in about 75 million individuals most of whom live in the rich western democracies. The numbers involved are colossal as we have 7.5 billion total world population. We are creatures who seek comfort and prosperity in greater and greater measure as technology makes that possible or in a nutshell we all want mobile phones.
    However there are forces at work we do not wish to confront because of the enormous cost and time involved, besides to put them right would cost our comfort dearly. Climate is the big one and the next is antibiotic resistance. So fate must be the master of us all.

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  3. I’d hold: neither scam nor human nature (as one anonymous commenter sees it). Of course, I am in agreement with the general observation of all the symptoms. And it is absolutely true that currently the so-called capitalist structure of producing and consuming which operates more or less uniformly throughout the world is revealing more and more it’s latent tendency to unite with oligarchy, causing a minute ruling class. (I say latent because, unchecked it will mathematically move towards this direction, and the checking mechanisms have been faulty and assuaulted as of late.) But to apply the diagnosis of ‘scam’ sets the stage for great confusion and reactionary flight into some inappropriate system more suitable to earlier periods of history and human development. Scam implies conscious agency in control and manipulation.

    In fact, the sociopathic impulses which are bringing matters to a boil currently are anything but conscious. Oh I know Davos happens and the Koch brothers are demonic and Robert Mercer is creepily operating behind the scenes. And I know all other cultures and nations have equivalent denizens, and even that many of them socialize together.

    But there is still, despite this apparent collusion, an enormous veil of unconsciousness clouding everything, especially among the ruling class. The little people, generally speaking, perceive much more of reality than do the rulers — because the rulers are insulated from it and by and large lack imagination. Mostly they just believe they are working for their own well-being in a strictly natural sense; they’ve read their Adam Smith, buy their entertainment, and subscribe to Darwin, and tie it all up with a bow of incuriousness as the natural order of things. They just happened to be born/endowed with greatness or at least good fortune. Sprinkle a bit of compassion, The United Way, about here and there and all will be well next generation.

    This returns us to considering human nature as the culprit, as M. Anonymouse insists.

    Psychology went off the rails early in it’s nascent career when the most influential names decided to focus upon the deformations within the psyche and what causes this. A more useful approach would have been to serious try and understand the geniuses of humanity — and by this I most heartily include the emotional qualities, and the will to perform and envision ever more creative acts of goodness. When we want to study maple trees, for example, as a botanical phenomenon, we do not consider it profitable to spend 95% of our research money and career efforts upon the millions of more times seeds do NOT manifest into maple trees, we get busy observing the seeds which have succeeded. Along the way we refine our concepts as to why and how the tree has come to be.

    Certainly there is ample occasion to observe how human nature falls short in myriad ways upon the world stage, and even within our own biographies. So much so that many, like Anonymous, concludes that this is the human lot. Human nature compels us to ever greater and drearier global catastrophes.

    I say no, shouting with my entire soul and spirit, employing lungs too if need be.

    The path out of the morass must involve erecting a science of inner development which cultivates virtues and humane social instincts (as evident already in seed form within most children as I observe within my own toddler and and his daycare mates) according to models derived from those inspiring biographies within our cultural history whom we find admirable. This path must necessarily be subjective as well as objective, a blending. (For more on this, if inclined, look at an earlier post of mine concerning how science abandoned human nature in the 17th century here:

    Further, it must rely upon self-cultivation, trusting in fellowship, each aspirant to assume leadership and direction of his or her own unfolding and blossoming. (For more on this, if inclined, look at an earlier post of mine concerning how the classical virtues are in fact what form the root of all sensible and workable ethics here:

    The present mess is an opportunity. But there needs to be a sufficient proportion of humanely able people to morph the mess into positive blossoming. There will be ample chances for deception en route. The individual spiritual development necessary must account for this; there needs to be a tireless scrutiny of all ideas to uncover the levels of truth, beauty, and goodness inherent or not within them. Collaboration must become more sensitive and kindly.

    Very good post though — I like it.

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