Listen to the laughter of the river

We build a wall to keep out a thousand armies
The same wall keeps two friends apart

Two lovers fingertips cry out for joining
And see,
Only stone

What safety is worth this distance?

Listen to the laughter of the river
It knows not from whence it came,
It cares not for where it ends up

It knows itself
Only when it touches the riverbank

And gets stopped for a moment
In the silence of an eddy
Or tidal pool

Here, it listens to the great joy of the river
from afar
until that joy overflows

And, laughing
overflows with it


9 thoughts on “Listen to the laughter of the river

  1. Hi Aishwariya, a very nice poem. I am wondering at its source? In my poetry-writing days I often wondered at the source of my poems, as not all of them came from my mind, and I was not very in touch with my spirit at that time. Yet I think it was my spirit talking to me, trying to send me messages through the thick wall that was surrounding my own mind. I’m pretty sure you are much more in tune with your spirit today than I was then, but I ask myself, is this poem from your mind (heart), or your spirit (heart)? Not that it matters, it says what it says. But for myself I like to understand… and so I ask.

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