A walk down memory lane


Listen back, further and further

Don’t you smell the fire

And hear the whoops of the hunt?

Further now, your tendon straining

the humidity, a vast expanse of green

a flash intimation of rumbling mechanical beasts

Go back even deeper

Your wings are vibrating with anticipation

A thousand rainbows drift lazily over your carapace

Deeper still

Here we are, dividing

I make myself half to find you


I feel the turning

Great turning, the birth of the world

Who am I when I am here?

Who was I just before?

Incredible activity and heat

Density and excitement

Who, what and where am I

When I am the universe just beginning

When I am the all rolling out of bed to start a new day?


5 thoughts on “A walk down memory lane

  1. Hi Aishwariya,
    I wrote a post a while back, The Little Cell That Could. It was about remembrance back to the start of life on this planet. That is through experience. But I have seen further back, not to the beginning of the universe, but to the beginning of the cosmos*, when life was not yet self-aware. There have been many steps from then till now, though I only know a few of the major steps. One of those steps was when a cell split, but instead of making you and me, it stayed together as one, and became us. That, I believe, was the beginning of evolution.
    At least in my philosophy…
    * – the universe, as we understand it, was the beginning of physical life. The cosmos, though, pre-dated the universe as being everything that is, spiritualmentalphysicalmatterenergyether. It is spirituality in all its aspects and incarnations, and it us called life. In my opinion.


    1. Dear Aishwaria, please forgive my NEX comment, starting “You is me…”. Although it could be said to possibly fit your post, it was truly written for someone else, so if you could moderate it out of existence I would grestly appreciate it. Thank you.
      I am answering comments on my tablet, but it seems to have gone crazy of late. It jumped pages without me noticing it, and now I needs go back and make a few similar deletions. May peace be with you


  2. You is me is all living beings. I give up on no one. Well, maybe Trump… But he’ll come around too in the next million years…


  3. i thank you for dropping by, however poetry bastardised by link it to any kind god, for lack description an or my keen knowledge of my own language… Must die!

    Reasons being hold back the human-race in reaching their rightful place amongst sentient life throughout dark empty unforgiven reaches of space…


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