A walk down memory lane


Listen back, further and further

Don’t you smell the fire

And hear the whoops of the hunt?

Further now, your tendon straining

the humidity, a vast expanse of green

a flash intimation of rumbling mechanical beasts

Go back even deeper

Your wings are vibrating with anticipation

A thousand rainbows drift lazily over your carapace

Deeper still

Here we are, dividing

I make myself half to find you


I feel the turning

Great turning, the birth of the world

Who am I when I am here?

Who was I just before?

Incredible activity and heat

Density and excitement

Who, what and where am I

When I am the universe just beginning

When I am the all rolling out of bed to start a new day?


One thought on “A walk down memory lane

  1. Hi Aishwariya,
    I wrote a post a while back, The Little Cell That Could. It was about remembrance back to the start of life on this planet. That is through experience. But I have seen further back, not to the beginning of the universe, but to the beginning of the cosmos*, when life was not yet self-aware. There have been many steps from then till now, though I only know a few of the major steps. One of those steps was when a cell split, but instead of making you and me, it stayed together as one, and became us. That, I believe, was the beginning of evolution.
    At least in my philosophy…
    * – the universe, as we understand it, was the beginning of physical life. The cosmos, though, pre-dated the universe as being everything that is, spiritualmentalphysicalmatterenergyether. It is spirituality in all its aspects and incarnations, and it us called life. In my opinion.


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