A message to the truthseekers of the world!

You are not alone! The road you have taken is one of alienation. Dissatisfied the story you’ve been force fed to believe you’ve taken it into your own hands to discover the reality behind the curtain. This path has most certainly led you to disturbing things, and conclusions not many are willing to stand behind much less consider. But though the masses are still in the processes of waking up, you are not the only one with their eyes wide open viewing the unfolding calculated chaos which everyone seems so oblivious to.
Remember we are one people, one organism, and as such we must maintain a balance of positive and negative aspects. Both within ourselves and society as a whole. The chaos and atrocities you are witnessing are merely the emergences of the imbalance and distorted levels of negativity all of humanity have been subjected to. You weren’t afraid of it 20 years ago, and you shouldn’t be now, for it been with us for multiple millennia and our lives have continued nonetheless. This visible emergence of the evil is the catalyst for global awareness of the issue so that it can be addressed and re-assimilated into a new homeostatic balance upon which new wonders and new evils will emerge.
Simply put this period in human history is another transitional and evolutionary stage in our advancement. With all rebirths, there is a fiery death of the old, followed by the glowing emergence of a new body from the ashes.
So remember, do not be afraid, and now is the time to form the utmost diplomatic discipline of acknowledging our differences, but focusing rather on our similarities, and all that unifies us as a people. We all wish to be loved, and to be safe, we all desire freedom, the truth, access to clean food and water, and a society built upon compassion rather than competition. Reach out to those who disagree with you, and instead of trying to convince them of your truth simply listen to theirs… Though their symbology, language, and interpretations may differ from theirs, you will begin to notice the common themes driving your perceptions, desires, and how you function as a human being. These are the elements that will bring about more positive change both in your life and across the globe.
Stay strong, and know that we are with you as we join together in this pursuit of truth and kindredship.

3 thoughts on “A message to the truthseekers of the world!

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