Here’s Valentine’s special.

Manifesting your partner

The first thing to note is that if you reflect neediness, you’ll get someone as needy as what you resonate as. This leads to problems in relationships – dependent relationships can be very draining on both sides.

If you express abundance, you’ll get a partner who is as abundant as you are. It’s literally one of the most visible ways in which you can see how resonance multiplies. In such a case, it’s as if both are good dancers and don’t need the other to give a good dance of life. However, when they come together, they produce an even more beautiful dance together.

What’s the trick to this? Like I’ve always emphasized, it’s your core. Your vibration. When you fix that, everything falls into place.

I’ve manifested the most amazing man in my life. I’m complete on my own, so is he. But yet we complement each other in amazing ways. It can be uncanny but why?? Because both of us have reached abundance! It becomes a heart to heart – a soul to soul connection.

Don’t rush. Fix yourself and your vibes will do it. How to fix yourself?? Get rid of neediness and manipulative behaviors. You want to genuinely have a purpose in life. You want to genuinely love other humans. Become a beacon of love.

Meditate. Be immersed in life. Don’t become rigid and stiff. Be bigger than life. Do what excites and fills you with vigor. Share your love with others. Lead your own adventure.

You don’t have to sit there and visualize a day in and out about that checklist person you have in your head! It won’t work if you don’t change your own vibration. Your vibes are controlled by your own habits, beliefs, actions, speeches, and thoughts. That’s what you want to change to vibe higher!

And love to everyone out there. Don’t worry, you are already complete regardless of your situation. You just need to realize that you are a creator.


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