Random things – Screaming to the world

Everything you know is wrong!(most of it anyway) World history is partially fabricated, our level of technological advancement is actually hundreds of years above what is commercially available. The Newtonian physics model taught in standardized school is an incomplete & circumstantial explanation for the mechanics of our universe. The Zika epidemic is not the source of the spike in birth deformities. There have been multiple … Continue reading Random things – Screaming to the world

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Is it religious to say Namaste?

I’ve noticed a recent news story making the rounds on Facebook, detailing how an American school has banned the saying of “namaste” on the grounds that it is a religious statement. The phrase, “namaste”, can be incorrectly taken as a religious statement, just like “My name is Ishu” can be incorrectly taken as a religious statement by someone willing enough to go to the trouble of … Continue reading Is it religious to say Namaste?

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Harmful Behavior – Support of religious scriptures

We can define truth as, a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like. With this definition we can say that truth is singular, that its interpretation should be homogeneous  If there is subjectivity involved, we may say we are no longer dealing with truth. We can go on to define an interpretation of something as an explanation or conceptualization by a critic, that is … Continue reading Harmful Behavior – Support of religious scriptures

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Germanwings Flight 9525 – 24 March 2015

Germanwings plane crash 10:54 AM EST MAR 24, 2015 A Germanwings Airbus A320 has crashed with 150 passengers and crew aboard in a remote part of the Alps in southern France on Tuesday. All on board are feared dead in the worst aviation accident in France for more than 30 years. The main details: Where? The plane crashed near Meolans-Revels, a small village of 300, at … Continue reading Germanwings Flight 9525 – 24 March 2015

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Is Islam a Threat to our Existence?

muslim-man-praying-inspire-othersAll the major points the right-wing foist against Islam strike me as valid only for a tiny minority of extremists. The likelihood that Sharia Law or FGM or any of the usual complaints are going to take root here in Europe, Australia, or in America, or in Asia, where we have increasingly large police forces and (for the poor) the rule of law, is absurd.

It is about as likely as moon rocks giving everyone throat cancer. Conservatives are sensationalize the situation for no good reason and wasting everyone’s time doing it, not to mention alienating people who, if they could settle themselves down for long enough, could potentially become friends.

For those claiming that 1%, 5%, 10% of Muslims are extremists, you cannot invent percentages, apply them to real world situations and walk around claiming to have understood said situations. More to the point, are you genuinely that afraid of your own mortality that you need to spend time calculating the odds of it coming about from a specific source?

You’re hiding behind your misanthropy. The only way Australia or any other first world nation is going to become like the Middle East is if we give in to the terrified and hysterical shrieking of cowards like yourself.

It takes a real man to live with trust towards the future. It takes nothing to give in to our fear and cast blame.

There aren’t enough radical Islamist in the world to pose a genuine existential threat to any nation outside of the Middle East.

Now, we can speculate wildly about what might happen in the future for an eternity, and forget the now completely while doing it. That way, when we get there, we’ll be well prepared to ignore the now, then, too.

This is my real issue with all the absurd fear mongering over Islam. Even if it turns out that we all get murdered in the name of the Prophet, if we have spent our last years in fear, distancing ourselves from our fellow-man, worrying, being angry and aggressive and isolationist, then we will have wasted the last years of our lives.

Our eyes will have been so fixed on tomorrow that every today until our deaths will have passed us by. And I, for one, don’t want to live that way. I am mortal, I will die at some point, and so to me it seems ridiculous to ignore what life I do have in fear of it being snuffed out in a way I didn’t choose or agree with. It will happen that way, anyway.

And more to the point, who is it that dies? Who is it that asks the question? What was it like before I was born, and what would it be like to go to sleep and never wake up? Who is the center of awareness within us all around which all from moves, to which all experience belongs?

When I look for a separate center, I find none. When I look for a static, unchanging self, nothing. It strikes me that my fundamental identity is synonymous with all that is, that separateness is an illusion maintained by mis-identification with the structure of one’s memory and personality, and that who we all are underneath our ideas of ourselves is the basic energy of the cosmos, patterning and waving in myriad ways and forms, forever.

And when I think of this, and look at my Islamic brothers and sisters, I see centers of awareness just like mine, asking the same questions and sometimes, unfortunately, actually answering them. We can bicker over our differences forever, or we can rest in our similarity forever. We each have to choose what to live out in our own lives, and it seems to me that the former is a cowards choice.

I’m not arguing for Islam, I’m arguing against shit brained thinking, the kind that can lump over a billion people into a single word and assume it knows all it needs to from that operation alone.

I don’t want Islamic governance, I don’t want Sharia Law, in fact I want as many people as possible to leave religion altogether and discover their own personal, vital spirituality. I don’t agree with what is written in the Quran, or the Bible, or the Torah.

What I want is for all the lazy thinkers on the right-wing who are currently wasting their time and effort vilifying an eighth of the world’s population to actually start using their heads, to understand these processes and phenomena in real terms, rather than simply in the terms of their own paranoia.

My message is not to give up or give in, but to yield as a lover does, to open our arms to embrace, not to strike. We cannot heal the great wounds of our time with argument, aggression, antipathy, we must recognize the common self in all human beings and identify with that which is in all of us, that awareness whose nature is fundamentally that of love.

It is worth ones life to take this chance, to live for and with love rather than fear. If you recognize this now, you could die tonight in peace. Continue reading “Is Islam a Threat to our Existence?”

Pray For The World

My heart is with Brussels ❤️ So, let’s start by saying ‘Bastards!’ to terrorists. Brussels has now been hit at the Metro and Airport. Is this now the NEW way they attempt to dislodge us, by attacking as soon as we find one of their own? Why? Is this the world we have created? Something needs to be done and now. and I don’t mean … Continue reading Pray For The World

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Left & Right

pol It seems plain to me now more than ever that the group we normally refer to as “conservative” or “right wing” is comprised of people who are fundamentally afraid of living. These individuals cling to money, material goods and tradition, finding new experience and change threatening to their idea of themselves, their egos. Current research suggests that conservative voters don’t base their beliefs on … Continue reading Left & Right

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“Drug” – Terence McKenna

“Drug” is a word that has polluted the well of language. Part of the reason we have a drug problem is because we don’t have an intelligent language to talk about substances, plants, psychedelic [and] sedative states of mind, states of amphetamine excitation. We can’t make sense of the problem and the opportunities offered by substances unless we clean up our language. “Drugs” is a … Continue reading “Drug” – Terence McKenna

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Science! Religion!

Science and religion has become binary, sometimes forcing people to follow one or the other. This was not always the case. Different fields and concepts in mathematics were created by well known mathematicians such as Newton, Galileo, and Kepler to study and understand the universe and ultimately prove the existence of a God. Science and religion are one in the same despite popular belief.  Religion … Continue reading Science! Religion!

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Lessons learnt in 2015

2015 has been a bit of a busy one, that I know. The main thing I suppose was finishing university, which seems like so long ago, although it’s only been 4 months – TIME, Y U FLY? U ARE NOT A BIRD. Also had some good times, but a lot of it wasn’t exactly the best, but hey…it makes you appreciate the good moments even … Continue reading Lessons learnt in 2015

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